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Who are OACS

We are a support group for the sufferers and the families of those who were born with a Fetal Anti-Convulsant syndrome (FACS). The group was established in January 1999 and became a registered Charity in 2006.

FACS is caused when a woman that takes Anti Convulsant Medication to control her Epilepsy becomes pregnant. The medication crosses the placenta and effects the developing Fetus in the womb mainly during the first three months (first trimester)

The effects on the child vary from developmental delay, learning delay, dysmorphic facial features, physical disabilities, speech and language delay, etc (see common problems)

As a result the children will have various issues for the rest of there lives. And will require varying amounts of help from the parents / carers, educational departments, and the health service.

We are here to give help and advise the parents / carers and anyone else involved with these children professional or non professional..

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Registered Charity No. 1116497