About OACS

About O.A.C.S

The Organisation for Anti-Convulsant Syndrome is a registered UK Charity founded to offer help and support to all families affected by Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome. 

All families are welcomed into the group with open arms, not only because we understand the problems your child may be experiencing but also because we understand the challenges experienced by the carer.  Our Facebook page is a group of friendly parents that are abundant in experience and generous with information and advice.  The OACS Facebook page is a great place to go if you need support or have specific questions.  We also have additional support available for those affected with ‘Big Sis’, father support, support for those that have lost their children and more.  With the introduction of our new community groups the OACS team want to be here for those that need us. 

Gaining a diagnosis may be the highest mountain of all for the carer to climb.  FACS is a complex syndrome, presenting with global disabilities, some of which result in secondary conditions.  The OACS team will support you in your quest for a diagnosis, and help you understand some of the challenges you are experiencing.

The team at O.A.C.S are here to offer advice, support and information, point you in the right direction should you need other support groups, social service benefits and special educational needs services.

The OACS team will also provide professionals with information and training in order to provide a greater understanding of this condition.  


Registered Charity No. 1116497